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Henry Dunant, Gustave Moynier and the International Red Cross
Geneva is the birthplace of the International Committee of the Red Cross and Red Crescent. Discover the story of its creation while following the footsteps of its founder Henry Dunant, its first president Gustave Moynier and the pacifist General Willhelm Henri Dufour.
Geneva and its luxury watchmaking
Enriched by the skill of the Huguenot refugees in the 16th and 17th centuries, Geneva has developed into a watchmaking city, which has grown into the world capital of luxury watchmaking with a reputation still reaching beyond its frontiers today.
Calvin and the protestant Reformation
500 years ago, Martin Luther wrote his 95 theses. This was the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. What happened in Geneva at that time? Follow our specialized guides through the 16th century when John Calvin turned Geneva into the Protestant Rome.
The Escalade of 1602
In a dark, moonless night of December 1602, the destiny of Geneva's independence is at stake. Listen to the story of the incredible battle against the Duke of Savoy to save the independence of the Republic of Geneva. Meet heroes and heroines like Mother Royaume, of whom we still celebrate the exploit every year on the 12th of December!
Geneva, the international financial place
In the Middle Ages, Geneva was already a center for financial institutions. As early as the 17th century, Genevan bankers played major roles alongside European crowned heads and powerful people in Europe and later in the United States, laying the foundation of the global financial system. Today, Geneva remains one of the major financial centers in the world.

The financial place Geneva: its history, its importance today

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The international Geneva
In 1920, the League of Nations established its seat in Geneva. Today, Geneva is the European headquarters of the United Nations and the most active multilateral diplomatic center of the world. The city hosts more than 25 international governmental organizations, a dozen semi-international organizations, more than 250 NGO and over 900 international companies and trade organizations.
Unusual Geneva
Discover Geneva in another way through its surprising aspects: tales and legends, anecdotes and secrets, sometimes funny, sometimes dramatic, sometimes scary. A tour full of mysteries !
Art, architecture and urbanisation
From the Old Town to the contemporary city, discover how art, architecture and urbanization have evolved in Geneva at the whim of political, religious and military powers.

The development of Saint Gervais from the Middle Ages to present day.

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Geneva's countryside and vineyards
It is often forgotten that almost half of the Canton of Geneva is devoted to agriculture and wine growing. An undulating countryside with rivers, vineyards and fields of crops, flanked by forests which offers dreamlike strolls. Let a guide take you to discover these hidden beauties!

Geneva's countryside, the left bank: from the lake to the Salève (Cologny, Choulex, Jussy, Hermance, etc.)

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The countryside of Geneva : history and development

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Nature and sustainable development in Geneva
For Geneva, one of the greenest cities in Europe, endowed with more than 50 parks, nature is fundamental to its inhabitants as well as its authorities. Discover Geneva in a different way through its parks, its history alongside the lake and the river Rhone, its quays, and the Botanical Gardens of 28 ha with more than 14’000 plants.

Geneva, a city of sustainable development

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Carouge, city of the Enlightenment
Carouge is also called the Sardinian city! Come and enjoy its bistrots with their sunny terraces and the atmosphere of the colorful market! Admire its 18th century architecture of Savoyan and Piedmontese inspiration, its pretty squares and small streets full of unique boutiques, its secret gardens in hidden backyards. A town full of ideas dedicated to the preservation of its unique environment… only 15 minutes from the center of Geneva.

Carouge town of sustainable development

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Famous characters
Geneva, a cosmopolitan city throughout history, has seen the birth of exceptional people who have made the city famous. But a great number of renowned travellers have paid it a visit, giving another view of the city through their writings.

Famous women in Geneva

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